Friday, February 28, 2014

Deuce Drivers and Hospital Visits

Three days ago we dropped the Colonel off at the airport to leave for what will be his last deployment with the USAF.  If January and February are any indication, this year promises to be a year of great change for our family.  The Colonel will be retiring in June; God's perfect timing, but a few years earlier than our little plan. It has been such a treat for the kids and I to spend the past two years sharing in this flying world he has long loved.  Courting the Dragonlady has been an experience we will never forget, and a chapter of the Colonel's life that will be hard to close.  Because of this we will miss him terrible these next couple of months, but we are also glad for our Deuce Driver to have a few more hours with his plane.

Since his departure I have been touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness of so many who are willing to come alongside our family and support us while the Colonel is away.  Today gave me yet another opportunity to see the incredible way military families and dear friends rise to the occasion when their is a need.  My precious first born came down Monday night with a typical winter cold, the kind families of small children spend all winter passing around.  She was fine until last night, and things took a definite turn for the worse.  As the mother of a severe asthmatic, my sister heard the change immediately.  We survived the night, but I could hear from her first cries of the morning that she was still deteriorating.  Several hours and one borrowed breathing treatment later found us on the way to the emergency room, while my sister remained at home with her three little ones and two of mine, one of whom would be looking for me for nourishment sooner than later.  It was a precious responsibility for her to so willingly take on. 

Before we could even get to the hospital I was receiving texts and messages wanting to know what we needed. Without need, one often misses the opportunity to see the precious generosity and love of others. True, lifelong friends that care about our family and love our littles were ready to act at a moments notice.  But the experience reminded me again of the incredible heart of the military family.  People we have only recently met have been quick to come to my aid.  People that do not know me very well, or have any obligation to my family notice the need almost instantaneously and move to meet it just a fast.  Why is that, I wonder?  As someone who is somewhat new to military life, I do not always know the answer. What is it that the rest of the world can learn from these dedicated military families who understand service in such a personal way? I wonder if it not simply that they have all been there.  They had the need. They understand it.  And there is somehow a strange willingness to be authentic in this area, and admit we need each other.  Life is too much to walk alone.  So I thank God tonight for those who are so quick to support us and share this journey we are on, and pray that I will become more and more willing to both admit my own need and lovingly, generously, wholeheartedly return that support when God gives me opportunities. 

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